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JOB TITLE: Crisis Interventionist I                                           SERVICE CATEGORY: Program


REPORTS TO: Crisis Manager                          JOB STATUS: Non-exempt


JOB SUMMARY: To provide direct support to people with varying degrees of mental illnesses and/or developmental disabilities while being supportive, and implementing their individual behavior/ treatment plan created by the Crisis Manager to rehabilitate, and transition the individual back to a less restrictive living situation. 




  1. Provides behavior de-escalation as taught in RCC EUMR training in a respectful manner, abiding by the agency's standards of conduct and considering the preferences of the individuals supported, and the behavior/ treatment plan in place while maintaining well-being and dignity.
    1. Follows programming as assigned in the Individual Abuse Prevention Plan (IAPP), Self-Monitoring Assessment (SMA) and the Coordinated Service and Support Plan and Addendum (CSSP);
    2. Implementing person-centered planning.
    3. Monitors safety of the individuals, other staff and the environment;
    4. Takes initiative in responding to crisis, following the guidelines in the IAPP, CSSP and SMA;
    5. Determines when activities are safe for the individual;
    6. Works assigned shifts, arriving on time and staying until the end of the shift;
    7. Interacts with individual(s) and performs job related tasks;
    8. Acts according to the mandated reporter's responsibilities.


  1. Implements formal/informal program and behavioral objectives under limited supervision using person-centered planning enhancing the self-dependence of individuals served and assisting in the achievement of goals.
    1. Collaborates with the individuals and his/her team on writing new goals and/or modifying existing ones;
    2. Encourages and supports age appropriate activities;
    3. Encourages social experiences using community resources.
    4. Conduct brief functional assessments every two weeks as directed.
    5. Analyze and report trends in behavior data.
    6. Implements strategies to reduce challenging behavior and provide stabilization.


  1. Maintains professional demeanor by observing standards of conduct and integrity in the workplace and by working collaboratively with team members.
    1. Shares program matters, health and behavioral concerns with supervisor;
    2. Attends and participates in staff meetings and trainings as scheduled in Shift Planning;
    3. Completes 245D training requirements as assigned by RCC;
    4. Follows RCC policies and procedures;
    5. Communicates professionally with outside agencies, families, and others;
    6. Discusses quality of service standards with co-workers, sharing views and ideas in a respectful manner.
  2. Monitors health care needs, under limited supervision, ensuring the health and well-being of the individual supported.
    1. Interacts with health care professionals, as needed;
    2. Writes narrative accounts and records data according to documentation guidelines prior to the end of each shift;
  3. Maintains a safe and healthy working and living environment by using safe work practices thereby minimizing injury and illness to self and others.
    1. Documents accidents/injuries according to established timelines;
    2. Follows policies and procedures;
    3. Follows infection control guidelines;
    4. Support and teach individual supported with healthy living environment skills.
  4. Teaching, Mentoring, Modeling daily living skills
    1. Reduction/elimination of maladaptive behavior
    2. Assess current skills and strengths.
    3. Participate in teaching behavior strategies to caregivers.



  1. Performs other related duties and responsibilities as assigned.




(A) Have 2+ (4000 hours) years of supervised experience working with individuals who exhibit challenging behaviors as well as co-occurring mental disorders or a neurocognitive disorder.


(B) A bachelors degree in a social services discipline or a related field.  





  1. Writing skills adequate to write narrative accounts in grammatically correct sentences.
  2. Oral communication skills adequate to accurately and professionally relay information to outside agencies.
  3. Ability to perform basic arithmetic calculations.
  4. Cooking and domestic skills adequate to perform/teach basic cooking skills, laundry, and cleaning.
  5. Must have a valid driver's license with a driving record that is satisfactory as according to the standards set by RCC's commercial general liability insurance company and reliable transportation.
  6. Ability to work under limited supervision.
  7. Must possess judgment and decision-making skills sufficient to perform the functions of the job, in both day-to-day and crisis situations.
  8. The ability to communicate effectively with clients, co-workers, supervisors, health care professionals and others related to your work.
  9. Must be able to listen effectively.
  10. Must be flexible.
  11. Ability to manage multiple needs and tasks at the same time.
  12. Ability to interpret behavior trends.




All demands may not be required of every position; refer to site-specific job demands.


Description of Task Requiring Physical Demands                   Frequency

While on outings, walk with individuals                                 1 to 3 times per week

May have to push a wheelchair up to 250lbs                      Occasionally

May have to lift or carry during transferring up to 250lbs    6 times per shift

May have to climb stairs                                                        6 times per shift

Reaching, handling required                                                   Frequently

Stooping, kneeling, crouching required                                  Occasionally


Description of Sensory Demands                                            Frequency

May need depth perception and peripheral vision                Constant

Clarity of vision                                                                       Constant

Hearing and speaking                                                             Constant         

Reading and writing in English                                               Constant


Description of Mental Demands                                             Frequency

Flexibility in scheduling                                                          Occasionally

Guidance and reinforcement available                                  Occasionally   

Mathematics (simple add/multiply/subtract)                        Occasionally   

Memory, judgment, and social interactions                           Constant



Description of Working Condition/Environmental Demands Frequency

Works with others                                                                  Constant         

Has public contact                                                                  Occasionally

Shift work (exact shift depends on assignment)                    Usually           

Weekend work (exact shift depends on assignment)                        Usually

Behavioral incidents may require physical intervention        Occasional     


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